The First Ever multi-chain blockchain Infrastructure Solution Provider: Propel

What is Propel?

Metaverse (Metaverse a Service):

  • GameFi: Includes infrastructure services related to Gaming & DeFi.
  • NFT utilities: Includes an entirely new notion of NFT infrastructure services such as Renting NFT (re-NFT), Staking NFT (s-NFT), and Fractional NFT (f-NFT).
  • Core Metaverse: Includes complete, configurable, and secure ERC standard solutions.
  • Smart Verse Contracts: Includes smart contracts interconnected by the logic of creation and function.

DeFi Infrastructure (DeFi as a Service):

Propel Pool (Staking as a Service):

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MaaS(Metaverse as a Service) & DaaS (DeFi as a Service) Infrastructure Provider