Propel Staking is now live 🎉

2 min readApr 15, 2024

Introduction to Propel

Propel stands as a cornerstone in blockchain infrastructure, specializing in DeFi, staking, and beyond. By targeting specific blockchain needs and focusing on readily available infrastructure, Propel offers tailored solutions that cater to the most urgent and beneficial opportunities within the ecosystem. Investor Dashboard is one of Propel’s most loved product used by 5+ projects. Through the Investor Dashboard, users can manage tokenomics effectively, allocating tokens in accordance with a vesting schedule supported by vesting contracts.

$PEL: The Heart of Propel’s Ecosystem

$PEL, the native ERC-20 governance token of Propel, is at the core of Propel’s product portfolio. Serving as a fundamental utility token, $PEL facilitates staking, reward distribution through liquidity provision, protection of the protocol, and participation in governance processes.

Staking Goes Live

Propel has now activated staking for $PEL, marking a pivotal development for token holders and the broader Propel ecosystem. Participants can look forward to an impressive annual percentage rate (APR) of upto 250%. However, it’s important to note the staking terms, such as the claim delay and unbonding period, which are implemented to safeguard the integrity and fluidity of the staking process.

Important details:

APY — upto 250%
Unbonding Period — 14 days
Claim Delay — 7 days
Reset Claim Delay — true

The launch of $PEL staking is not just a significant addition to Propel’s suite of services but a strategic enhancement that promotes accessibility and utility to the token.

How to Stake $PEL: A Quick Guide

  1. Visit the Propel Website :
  2. Connect Your Wallet: Link your wallet that supports the BNB Chain
  3. Enter Staking Amount: Type in how much $PEL you want to stake.

4. Confirm Staking: Click on ‘Stake’, then approve the transaction in your wallet.

Follow these steps to start earning rewards through $PEL staking.

Learn more about Propel:

Website | Twitter | Medium| Telegram Community | GitHub




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