Propel x iBeeFinance

🤝Welcome iBeeFinance to Propel ecosystem.

iBeeFinance is a yield optimizer that provides users with an easy and safe way to maximize their yield farming income. They are revolutionizing the Defi industry by being the best single asset yield optimizer platform, and also adding LP farming with IL(Impermanent loss) Protection. IL protection will help farmers keep their earnings and eliminate much of the risk to their principal. Their single staking vaults include (BTC, ETH, BUSD, USDT, CAKE , BNB, BANANA).

Propel is thrilled to joins hands with iBeeFinance. Propel takes on every opportunity to learn & partner with other blockchain projects as it adds synergy to the Propel ecosystem. Through this partnership, both Propel and iBeeFinance will help each other to give the marketing boost and introduce our teams to other DeFi and Staking platforms for future collaborations.

About Propel

Propel is a global blockchain infrastructure solution platform that offers end-to-end, plug-and-play infrastructure solutions to DeFi, NFT, and Metaverse projects. Propel’s solutions are available for multiple blockchain ecosystems and include multichain capabilities.

Propel holds the distinction of being the only provider offering DaaS, MaaS, and Staking solutions under a single umbrella.

📌Learn more about Propel:

Website | Twitter | Medium| Telegram Community | GitHub

📌Learn more about iBeeFinance:

Website | Twitter | Medium| Telegram Community



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