What is an Investor Dashboard?

3 min readFeb 1, 2023


All DeFi platforms need a way to onboard and manage investors. Early investors join during the private sale or token presale, while the product is still in development. Then there will be a regular group of investors who will buy tokens or make deposits in order to increase their profits. In actuality, most early investors enjoy additional benefits such as lower token prices, early access to platform features, or even decision-making authority. Because of these variables, managing tokens and investors is a key responsibility for any project.

An Investor Dashboard can be easily integrated into any DeFi project to make the process easier.

This module serves as a single-window control centre for project owners to :

  • execute token sales,
  • allot tokens,
  • set lock-in periods, and
  • select different token distribution rounds.

In other words, the Investor Dashboard module provides DeFi companies with a configurable interface for creating token sale campaigns and managing tokenomics.

What does an Investor Dashboard look like?

Propel is a Blockchain Infrastructure company that provides plug-n-play Investor Dasboard module.

The Investor Dashboard is depicted in the image above. The token sale distribution can be divided into these categories:

  1. Seed Round: Long-term supporters and key alliances ready to donate early are honored in the seed round. Their support and devotion demonstrate a shared vision for the project.
  2. Private Round: The goal of the private round is to seek commercial assistance that will enable the project to realize its long-term vision while also increasing its international prominence.
  3. Public round: To achieve complete decentralization and measurable token value, tokens’ actual and real distribution is critical. The private round aids in the natural transition from a privately generated idea to a public domain entity.
  4. Team round: Incentivizing a team’s hard work to motivate and encourage a good job is the goal of the team round. A percentage of the token is reserved for distribution among the team members.

Other categories include rewards, ecosystem & marketing and Reserve. These rounds are customizable according to a project’s need.

When a user connects their wallet to the vesting dashboard, they can access/view several pointers:

  1. Total allocation: Total allocation refers to the total number of tokens allotted to each user throughout each round.
  2. Claimable: This refers to the total quantity of tokens that have been unlocked and are available for the user to claim.
  3. Vested tokens: These tokens have a lock-in term and are distributed regularly after a set amount of time.
  4. Claimed: This is the total number of tokens a user has claimed.




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